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Ch White Dome JP Top Character Too
Imp Japan
Top Character's Special Dream FCI(IMP JPN)
Ch Bostonwood Sundanz Kid
3 Months old
Stormie 1st Baby Puppy In Show
Ch Bostonwood JPs Princes
Class in Show BIG Multi Class in Group Winner
Ch Bostonwood Top Flight
RUBISS at the Boston Terrier Club of NSW
Ch Bostonwood Top Brew
Dog CC Boston Terrier Club of NSW
Ch Bostonwood Top Flight
Intermediate in Show Boston Terrier Club of NSW
Ch Bostonwood Top Brew
Aust Bred in Show Boston Terrier Club of NSW
Bostonwood Storms Desire
Class in Show and Class in Group winner
Bostonwood Storms Desire
Class in Show Winner
Multi Class in Group Winner
Bostonwood Star Struck Son
Lovingly owned by Simmone Hogan and best friend to Hugo
Bostonwood Kandie Kisses at 5 months
2 hours old
The love snuggle
Lara and Bostonwood Star Struck Son (Atlas)
Get your fat head out its mine
What do you want, cant you see Im playing
Lara and pups,Kandie and Atlas
This is good
Dont worry
Whats up there Stormie
Kids Top Flight, Top Brew, Storms Desire.
All tuckered out.
Bostonwood Love To Danz
Milkbar open
I think Im full
My ball
I want to drive

Well look at you
My friend
All dressed up and no where to go
So cool
Please can I have some!




Lets play
Jenna teaching pup manners
Littleman & Lara
So cosy
Very comfortable
H.M.Bostonwood Jail
Inmates,Atlas,Hollie and Kandie
Geez you girls stink
3 Amigos
I got ya
Geez where is it
My meat
Hollie Baby
Atlas Baby waving good bye
Kandie Baby praying
So comfy
Bloody hell I fell off
Nice comfy pillow
Got a warm bum
Move over ya big log
My blanket
Mmmmm yummy
Did you drop one Atlas
Let me out of here Dad
Hurry up Dad
Thank god thats over,silly old git tried to drown me
Checking out my new puppy
One happy owner
Birthday Boy
Rove "It's a hard life here"
Looking for birds


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